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  1. - downtime

    In afara de, pe acelasi server mai exista si alte domenii. Unele dintre ele, foloseau aceasi parola pentru FTP... o parola destul de simpla pe care cineva a ghicit-o. A inceput sa modifice fisierele site-urilor, adaugand virusi si alte chestii de genul. Am decis sa oprim tot traficul pana rezolvam problema... si acum pare sa fie rezolvata.
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  2. - downtime

    Am facut upgrade azi la MySQL 5.1.49 intre orele 01:30-02:00 AM, timp in care nu a fost disponibil.

    Totul pare ok acum!
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  3. [EN] VBulletin - use MySQL database master-slave replication

    I will describe in this post how to use the MySQL database master-slave replication functionality with VBulletin.

    The versions that i'm referring below are:
    PHP 5.3.3 (with mysqli extension - MANDATORY)
    MySQL 5.1.48
    VBulletin 4.0.5

    1. MySQL database replication master-slave (details)
    You should set this up by yourself. In the "details" link you can find additional information related to replication and how to do it.
    The idea of replication ...
  4. [EN] PHP-FPM vs. mod_php from Apache

    For me, the following picture says everything:

    CPU ussage

    The change was done around 16 o'clock. You can see that the CPU usage dropped with ~100% (4 cores => 400% max usage). Each PHP-FPM process is using ~25-35 MB of RAM memory, comparing with 2 apache processes with 16 threads each which were using ~200 MB of RAM memory each.

    I will test it for some time and i will return with detailed conclusions.
  5. [EN] PHP-FPM - libevent 1.4.11 could not be found

    When trying to install PHP-FPM, in case you get the following error while configuring
    checking for libevent >= 1.4.11 install prefix... no
    configure: error: libevent >= 1.4.11 could not be found
    then do the following (Source):
    export LE_VER=1.4.12-stable
    wget "$LE_VER.tar.gz"
    tar -zxvf "libevent-$LE_VER.tar.gz"
    cd "libevent-$LE_VER"
    ./configure && make
    DESTDIR=$PWD make install
    export LIBEVENT_SEARCH_PATH="$PWD/usr/local"
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